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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 8, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> announcer: nbc bay area news starts now. the countdown is on. we are just hours away from that first pitch for the san francisco giants' home opener. taking a live look here from our chopper overhead, could there be a better day for that home opening game? take a look up there, back at at&t park now. the field there looking beautiful, all prepped. logos are painted, the bunting is up. let's get this game going. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. we have you covered on every base for the giants home opener. anthony slaughter has your first pitch forecast. mike inouye's on second with an eye on traffic. but the batter is chase cain
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live from at&t chase park. they just opened up the gates for fans. >> reporter: i don't want to get two excited, but they're about to open the gates any moment now. the fans are lined up here, all around the stadium. there is a lot of excitement. and i don't want to steal antony's thunder too much, but no jacket today. we have the sleeves rolled up. the weather could not be better for baseball. the only thing i've found wrong so far today is that there seems to be an illness going around. it's something called giants fever. >> yeah, she called me in sick. >> your mom called you in sick to come to the home opener. >> yeah. >> how do you feel about that? >> pretty good. >> he's got giants fever, so he's going to be here. >> was that the official excuse you gave to the school? >> mm-hmm. giants put out an excuse note, we're using it. >> i waited a whole two years for an opening day, because normally i'm at work. so i was looking at the calendar and this falls on a day that i can make it. so maybe this is the year we'll win it all. >> so you're the good luck charm? >> i'm definitely the good luck
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charm. >> and that's what you use to put your cheese on, then you have your crackers underneath, and a little prosciutto, since it is opening day. >> reporter: that is a true giants fan, cheese, prosciutto. >> and you know, the wine comes along with that. but i wait until about the fifth inning. got to keep my game face going. >> this season, are they going to make it? all the way! world series! what's up, 2014 and beyond! >> reporter: i love the confidence from the giants fans. and you are looking right now live at the giants players warming up on the field for this home opener. of course, we still have about six months to go before we're going to be really talking about the worlseries. but excitement, nonetheless, as they are still waiting to open the gates, just a couple more moments before the fans get inside and actually get that look at the players on the field for the first time. and one of the things that's been really interesting for me to hear is people keep talking about even number. it's an even number year. that's the reason they're so excited. you know, 2010, 2012, and this
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is 2014, after all. so maybe that, peggy and scott, is part of the reasons these giants fans are so confident. you know, they say, what comes next in the sequence after 2010, 2012, but 2014? so maybe this is the year. forget those dodgers, right? >> that's right, that's right. and two data points do make a trend. so go, giants. all right, chase, enjoy the game. thank you much. >> when you look at those live pictures from the helicopter, you see how beautiful it is out there. no coat there for chase cain. let's check in now with meteorologist anthony slaughter. he's looking at those temperatures. did you order this up? perfect weather? >> we all did. and i was thinking about the even number, it's april, 4, that's right, and it's the 8th. i'm just saying. we work with numbers in the weather center, it's what we do. let's set your forecast. might have to change this forecast to go with 76, because since we're on the trend of looking at even numbers, we are going to be looking at some very warm weather, overall, though, bottom line, it's going to be warm, it's going to be unseasonably warm. so you definitely want to make sewer you get a little bit of
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water in there as you celebrate through the rest of the afternoon. temperatures are going to be the warmest today, across the board. we're talking about near-record heat. a lot of the places in our inland valleys will see temperatures near 90. tomorrow we cool a bit, more so at the coast, and thursday, big-time cool. you'll definitely notice it. we'll talk more about that cooling heading our way coming up in just a little bit. guys, back to you. >> all right, anthony. thank you. as is the case with any day game, the bay bridge is going to see some backups. and this is a live picture and that is some backup. the toll plaza, mike inouye, big game, it's going to mean delays, that's for sure. >> and today, on top of the fact it's a midday game, 1:35, so folks are heading into the city, it's traffic tuesday. now, south bay schools, some of them are off. that's had a lighter flow of traffic there. but still jammed down the east shore freeway and heading over towards that berkeley curve. the metering lights are on slow because of this heavy volume of traffic. and they want to make sure over
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on the city side that traffic remains moving smoothly as you get off of that bay bridge on to city streets. you come off the bay bridge and make a loop back around. getting closer to the area, you see the areas we talk about, typically, king street, right here, townsend, fourth. that's the train station over there. third, and coming across, all of the parking lots, this whole area very, very busy. chase just showed you all the foot traffic there. about a half an hour ago, we saw a big slow coming up that kings street off-ramp and the extension for 280. now let's turn to ease off, as most folks are making their way into the parking lot. after the game, that's about three hours from now, we'll see, 4:30 start to that. traffic getting away from the area, right into the evening commute, guys. that's going to be another mess. prepare for that in the city. back to you. >> thank you so much, mike. appreciate that. you know, at&t park is boosting security at home games. the most noticeable change will be right when you walk in. that's because all fans that enter the park will have to pass through metal detectors.
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the giants will phase in the metal detectors throughout this season, but you'll definitely notice them. also, bags will not have to go through metal detectors, but they will be inspected. and you'll have to remove all metal objects from your pockets to go through. if you would like to not walk through the metal detector, you can ask to be checked with handheld wand. >> now, at&t park is adding a few new seats for the upcoming season, but they're spendy. they start with the dockers deck. it's a party space on a platform in front of that huge glove behind left field. it can fit 18 people, it includes stadium-style seats and a few tables and chairs. >> i like that. down there is the brand-new candle six suite. that fits about 12 people. it includes authentic seats from candlestick park, as well as memorabilia from the old ballpark. >> and there's the one that you and i would like, the press club, located right next to the press box, featuring cushioned seats, for about 30 people, food
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and drink credit comes included with every ticket. our coverage of the giant giante opener not done yet. in about ten minutes, we'll take you back to the park to show you all the new food being sold in the stands. here you see some of the construction that they've done. this is the garden, it's the first of its kind organic garden, right below the scoreboard in center field. we'll take a look at that coming up in ten minutes. >> we are home for your giants news. love to see those new details. now to other news stories of the day. on to the legal scandal surrounding leland yee. he was back in court this morning. christie smith is outside of federal court. christie, yee finally answered to those charges. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, peggy. in his third court appearance, suspended state senator leland yee finally did enter a plea this morning. he stood before the court and said two words, "not guilty" to conspiracy and corruption charges. another one of his co-defendants, a man named keith jackson, also entered a not
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guilty plea. but the courtroom was packed with more than a dozen defendants and attorneys. the suspended state senator walked right past reporters this morning, not saying a word, as he finally went in to answer to federal charges of conspiracy to traffic firearms and scheming to defraud citizens. prosecutors are arguing that jackson, a former consultant to yee, introduced him to undercover agents, posing as people looking for political favors and weapons in a scheme right out of a hollywood movie. another key figure in this, a man named raymond "shrimp boy" chow did not enter a plea today, as he just got a new attorney, and he said they needed more time to review the case. he's described by prosecutors as an unreformed chinatown gangster. chow is charged with a list of crimes, including money laundering to the tune of $2.3 million. and his new attorney, tony sara, gave a brief statement to reporters, saying the government created this crime. my client did not participate in any of these activities. this is political and i will vigorously defend my client and
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bring up issues of entrapment and racism. he's going to be speaking with reporters in the next couple of minutes. all the parties are due back in court friday at 11:00. this morning, my colleague, cheryl hurd is on the story, and we'll have the complete story tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> all right, christie, thank you. now to the latest developments in the search for the missing malaysia airlines flight. sounds found deep in the indian ocean have faded. one worry is the black boxes' batteries have run down. katy tur from nbc has more from kuala lumpur. >> reporter: since that news conference yesterday, where they announced that they had heard two sets of pinger signals, nothing to report so far today. but they are still looking in the area, concentrating on the zone that the "ocean shield" heard those noises. >> you can be assured that we are trying everything at this difficult, complex task in these, at least these next
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several days. >> reporter: they're hoping to get a third set of pings. that way, they can triangulate the position and get a better idea where those black boxes might be. then, they will deploy the unmanned submarines to scan the ocean floor. they're going to continue listening in those zones for the next several days, exhausting any possibility that the black box batteries might still, in fact, be working. >> it is the needle in the haystack we are looking for. >> reporter: after that, though, they can still deploy the submarine, but it is a much bigger task, without a narrowed search area. the water right there is about three miles deep. and for the submarine to scan a vast area of space with no idea where a black box might be is monumental, maybe even an impossible task. and remember, as of now, there still is no spotting of any debris. in kuala lumpur, katy tur, nbc news. and still to come this morning, the new bill going through the state capitol right now that would change the most
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popular show at seaworld. and of course, our coverage of the giants' home opener continues. you want a seat upgrade at at&t park? we'll show you how it's a few finger taps away. and this morning, we're clearing out very nicely, warming very quickly. already in the 70s because of those offshore winds. we're talking about a cooler day headed our way tomorrow and into the weekend. details on that coming up in just a little while. got a story for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call the tip line at 1-888-996-tips or e-mail us at the unit at
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11:13 right now on your tuesday. the california state assembly holding its first hearing on a new measure, which would end the captivity of orca whales for entertainment at seaworld. the orcas are a main draw for seaworld, although recent reports show that attendance there is down about 13% from last year. now, if the bill is signed into law, it would require san diego
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seaworld to rehabilitate and release its whales back into the ocean or into a larger sea pen. assemblyman richard bloom initiated that bill after watching the film "blackfish," which documents the treatment of killer whales. we are just hearing that they've decided to table the issue until they can gather more information on this. so right now the bill initially killed, it will be up for study again next year. hillary clinton kicks off a three-state speaking tour in san francisco today. she'll give the keynote speech this afternoon at the marketing national summit at the moscone center. reports say clinton could rake in as much as $1 million over the next four days, has many wondering if she'll make a run for the white house in 2016. she'll be back in the bay area thursday, for a women's lecture series at san jose state university. well, you'll now be able to fly to more places from san jose, starting today. southwest airlines adding more flights between mineta san jose international airport and several other airports including
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denver, orange county, and seattle. this comes despite virgin atlantic's decision to leave the airport last month. more to our coverage of the giants. we'll give you a live look at at&t park in center field as they are practicing and batters practice as well. fans attending the home opener will get team calendars. but there are actually a bunch of promotions throughout the year that are really sort of catching our eye. >> that's right. we're going through a couple of these right now. john's broadcaster, duane kuiper, will get the bobblehead treatment. the former player is featured wearing his cleveland indians uniform here. it will be given out when the giants play the indians on april 25th. >> but this very thursday, giants will give a scarf on farewell to the stick night. the giants haven't played in candlestick for years, but the stadium is shutting down. the scarf a nod to those cold temperatures we all remember at candlestick. >> also for the fans, an upgrade to at&t park's wi-fi.
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this year, there will be more than 1,200 wi-fi access points at the ballpark. that second only to the dallas cowboy's at&t stadium. >> and speaking of technology, this year they're rolling out the mlb at the ballpark app. this lets you know which seats are available for an upgrade. >> you're sitting in the upper deck, and all of a sudden you're like, it's a beautiful day and you know that we have some seats that weren't available a few days before, but they are available now. i can do it right now on my phone and my phone will pop up the new location. >> the app will also let you check out the list of player's walkup music and let you check out deals on food items. there is a text to security option as well if you need it. >> and speaking of food, it's almost lunch. this is about the time when we're all starving. when you get to the baseball game, you do have your standard fare there to choose from. you've got your peanuts, your cracker jacks, and of course, ever-popular hot dogs. >> that sounds reasonable, but if you're the giants, you're branching out a little, adding a little green to the process.
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nbc's damian tra hian takes a le food items. >> we have some traditional items, some new items, some are healthy, some are deeply fried. select a region, and chances are the giants will have a hot dog to match that region. and if it's another kind of food you like, you'll likely find it at the park, from tamales and caramel apples to the traditional garlic fries. and a new brat. >> this year, you know, we came up with a new bratwurst. it's made with beer. we're putting it on a pretzel money. and it has saurkrout and spicy brown mustard. and we have fried pickle chips this year. >> reporter: but if you're watching your chloric intake,
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the giants are also unveiling their new vegetable garden by june. it was still under construction a week ago behind the center field wall. it will have fresh vegetables, including kale. >> there's going to be a variety of different vegetables and things that are actually going to be grown on site. and the idea is that we're going to use some of that, the vegetables, as toppings on like flatbreads and healthy sandwiches and some of the soups and smoothies. >> reporter: a variety at the yard. >> and the giants say they have also added to their vast seafood menu this year. we're at at&t park. >> sounds good! believe it or not, there is now a bowling alley at at&t park. it's part of the gotham club. there are two lanes to use and a private bar area. next to that bowling alley, you'll also find a game room, featuring a pool table and a
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retro retro arcade billiard game. it sounds very exclusive. >> it does. >> hard to get into. and also, trying to fit kale and bowling alley into a take me out to the ball game song, i'm not -- >> you're not buying it? >> i'm not buying it. >> what about you, anthony, are you a kale guy? >> i like it, but i'm not growing it at home like you are, peggy. >> i have a great kale garden. >> let's talk about your forecast. look at these numbers. yeah, definitely the time of the year to get out and maybe just do start some planting. we're already at 73 degrees in san francisco. i want to show you, though, san francisco, because you'll notice, off in the distance, yes, that is the fog returning. there will be a little bit of fog as we move through the evening hours. so keep that jacket handy. by about 3:00, 4:00 in san francisco, even though we're going to be at 71, or 75 by game time at 1:00, by 3:00, i think we'll already be back into the 60s. it's going to cool very quickly as that onshore flow does
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return. right now, though, warming quickly in our inland valleys. up to 87 later. palo alto, you'll be at 88. already at 75. san francisco, the warmest location will be hayes valley at 81. but you'll notice the marina district, only at 72. the embarcadero at 76. you'll have a wide range of microclimates today. napa, 88. and livermore off to the try valley, you'll see temperatures right near 90. we are talking about cooler weather headed our way. this area of low pressure, it's going to get cut off from the main branch of the storm track. what's going to happen, it's going to meander this way as we head through the next couple of days. that's going to reinforce that ocean breeze, so not only will it cool tomorrow at the coast, but as we head through thursday and friday, temperatures are going to cool everywhere. back into 60s at the coastline. unlike what we're seeing for today, close to 90 degrees. and san francisc we're going to see about a 15-degree drop between today and this weekend. 82 for sf, today.
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saturday, though, we're talking about temperatures in the 60s. not only for that, but even for friday as well. so a major temperature drop coming our way, but, again, if you don't have air-conditioning, that's some good news. we'll see that natural ac kick back in, as we have through friday and saturday. guys, back over to you. >> anthony, thank you. new benefits for pregnant women about taking a daily dose of aspirin. we'll tell you about that. >> we'll take a look at the new study, coming up next. >> coming up next it's "30 rock" followed by "access hollywood." damian true heelian. trujillo.
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a daily low dose of aspirin may protect against preeclampsia in pregnant women. preeclampsia is a potentially dangerous complication that can threaten a mother's health and complicate birth. women who took a daily low dose of aspirin after their first trimester were less likely to develop preeclampsia. their risk of preterm birth
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dropped by 14% and no harmful side effects from aspirin were reported in the study. this morning, uconn husky fans is still riding high after a thrilling end to the college basketball season. fans erupted as their team took down the kentucky wildcats, 60-54, to claim the national title. as you can see, the celebrations took a bit of a rowdy turn, as thousands poured out into the streets. the university says at least 30 people were arrested, but nobody got hurt. now, speaking of uconn, the women will square off against notre dame tonight. it's the first time two undefeated teams are playing for the national title. tip-off at 5:30 tonight. disturbing results this morning from the latest crash test, only two of nine mid-sized suvs tested received top marks. the chevy equick knox and gmc terrain received the highest
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ratings. they were the only to perform well when the front corner collided with another car or utility pole. still to come, just how much would you pay for a small cup? we'll tell you why someone forked over $36 million for that one right there. >> sure!
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all right. so this small cup fetched $36 million at auction today, to smash the world record for chinese porcelain. >> it's a very important cup, right? okay, this collector from china was the winning bidder of the so-called chicken cup. it measures 3.1 inches in diameter. that's it. it was made more than 500 years ago during the mingh dynasty. it is decorated with a rooster, hen, and chick. the previous record was set by a vase which sold for $32.4 million. neither of which would go over well in my house with twin 3-year-olds.
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